12 Children's Shows That Blatantly Promote White Supremacy
Faith Tips · Jan 19, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

White supremacy is everywhere, and white supremacists run the entertainment industry, trying to brainwash our kids. You might be someone who thinks kids' shows are just harmless fun, but then you're just complicit. It is not enough not to be a white supremacist, you must be actively anti-white supremacist by screaming at your kids about all the white supremacy they're consuming every day.

Here are the twelve most blatant examples of white supremacy on children's shows:

Dora the Explorer - This show platforms and glorifies white supremacist and suspected KKK member Swiper, who oppresses a poor immigrant child who just wants to go over the river, around the tree, to grandma's house, for a better life.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - A white man OWNS an entire neighborhood? Because OF COURSE he does.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Though tigers are known to be orange with black stripes we must understand multicultural whiteness in order to discover the Tiger family's inner white supremacy. Tigers are the supreme race of oppressors in this spinoff, and it's plain to see that's because they're white on the inside.

Caillou - This one probably doesn't promote white supremacy, but Caillou is an obnoxious little brat.

Arthur - This one paints an unrealistic portrait of a colorblind/species-blind society where different species pretend to live in harmony without ever coming to terms with their class differences and the systemic oppression of predators over prey, thereby perpetuating these inequities. Obviously.

Yo Gabba Gabba! - Brobee is clearly modeled after David Duke.

Sesame Street - This "classic show" is actually problematic, as it promotes racist math concepts like that 2+2=4. Also, it prominently features the letter Q and has a person of color live in a trash can.

Gumby - This is not overtly white supremacist, but it was made in the '50s, so all the original creators were racists.

Bob the Builder - The titular character abuses his white privilege and takes construction jobs from BIPOC contractors.

Handy Manny - The episode where Handy Manny gets deported is obviously problematic for a number of reasons.

Thomas the Tank Engine - All their shipments are actually guns and ammo for right-wing militias.

Clifford the Big Red Dog - This show is a literal dog whistle and his redness is a symbol of the growing power of alt-right MAGA racists.

Now go forth and tell your children what racist little punks they are.

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