8 Ways The American Church Has It Worse Than The Church In China
Sponsored · Dec 6, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

Brought to you by Christian Freedom International:

In China, Christians can't openly worship the Lord because it's illegal. They have to meet in homes like the early Christians living under the reign of Nero. But in America, we have it so much worse!

Look, we are totally persecuted too —

  1. Sometimes we forget where we left our Bible and that's really hard: Why does God let this happen?
  2. Our pastor never gets arrested for preaching and frankly, he's starting to get a bit stale: He doesn't even make Marvel movie references.
  3. We have to drive all the way to church in the morning instead of conveniently meeting in our homes in the basement with the lights off: Chinese Christians don't know the pain of getting everyone in the minivan on Sunday.
  4. None of us know kung-fu: How can we be expected to refuse to fight and love our enemies when we can't fight anyway?
  5. Sometimes there are typos on the lyrics slide: Embarrassing.
  6. The A/C is a little loud: And cold. What is this? Corinth?
  7. Sometimes people sit in our pews: You can't be expected to sit over there with those "left pew" people.
  8. Hillsong: Worse than anything the Chinese have to endure.

NOT SATIRE: Right now Christians are fleeing tyranny in China, violent attacks in Myanmar, unconscionable cruelty in North Korea. Christians elsewhere are beaten, their property destroyed, and killed.

How can we help? The first step is to pray.

Christian Freedom International's calendar will help you picture - and pray - for persecuted Christians.

Each picture is of Christians in high-risk areas. Each was helped by Christian Freedom International with critical aid, like food and shelters, job skills, and Bible training.

This attractive calendar is perfect to display in your home, office, or church.

Let others know that Christians are persecuted throughout the world and there are ways to help.

"As a professor at a Christian university, I begin every class with prayer. CFI's prayer calendar reminds me daily to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world and to share their testimonies of courageous faith."

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