10 Subtle Signs Your Kids Are Being Groomed At School
Sponsored · Dec 21, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

Brought to you by PragerU Kids:

Child grooming is every parent's nightmare. No, this isn't about personal hygiene (a common misconception), we're talking about Left-wing perverts teaching your kids their weird sexual kinks. But how can you be sure your child's school is a groomer-free zone?

Look out for these dangerous grooming signs:

  1. The teachers take 17 minutes to introduce themselves: Mx. Randall is a non-binary dolphin in a blue dress whose pronouns are yours/mine.
  2. Hypodermic needles in their backpack: Likely used to inject the puberty blockers.
  3. For science, they made glitter bombs: And now it's everywhere!
  4. They come home from school and ask if you're a girl or a boy: "Son, you're 10 years old and we've been through this."
  5. P.E. class now includes pole dancing: But it's good for the core!
  6. The school supplies list includes tampons for the boy's restroom: That doesn't seem right...
  7. Report cards feature your child's preferred pronouns: And why is their GPA a shrugging emoji?
  8. RuPaul's birthday is an observed holiday: On the bright side, it's time away from the groomers at school.
  9. You find them listening to Coldplay: Not on your watch!
  10. They go to public school: Probably should have started with this one.

Don't delay! Save your kids now while you still can!

NOT SATIRE: Children's entertainment is filled with woke agendas.

Is there anywhere that's still safe for our kids? Yes! PragerU Kids has the solution.

With reliable and age-appropriate kids shows, books, and magazines that teach traditional pro-American and family values – PragerU Kids offers content that parents can trust and children love.

Every day there is a silent war being waged on the minds of our children. From the media, to entertainment, to our schools.

Drag Queen Story Hour, hyper-sexualized books in children's libraries, and manipulative social influencers contribute to confusing children about their identities. It's time we said, "Enough is Enough."


We refuse to stay silent about this any longer. If you agree, we ask that you help us by signing the petition below to demand that children's entertainment and education stop sexualizing our children.

Click here to sign the petition to force them to STOP SEXUALIZING OUR CHILDREN.

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