10 Great Benefits Of Being A Pastor's Wife
Sponsored · Apr 22, 2024 · BabylonBee.com

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Life in ministry is one of the greatest gifts anyone can experience, and that extends to pastors' wives as well. What's so great about being a pastor's wife? The benefits are abundant.

The Babylon Bee has come up with just a few reasons why pastors' wives have it made:

  1. You get to run the women's ministry FOR FREE: Enjoy the excitement of working without being financially compensated in any way.
  2. You get to be mentioned in every sermon illustration: Sit back and relax while the rest of the congregation learns a little more about you every week.
  3. You get to hang on the pastor's back like Yoda in all photographs: Enjoy it, you will.
  4. You haven't stopped smiling since 1998: Forced smiling has helpfully frozen your cheek muscles into a Joker-like state.
  5. You can serve the Lord as a wife, mother, receptionist, piano player, Sunday school teacher, women's brunch organizer, Christmas stage poinsettia arranger, janitor, and marital counselor: And that's just on Tuesday!
  6. You get a bonus sneak peek at each week's sermon: It's like an advance screening of a movie, only instead of a movie it's your husband's epic biblical mastery.
  7. You're the only person who can picture the pastor in his underwear without it being a sin: Not that you have to. But you can.
  8. You get to hear withering criticism about your husband and can't react or get upset in any way: Keep storing up that treasure in Heaven, sweetheart.
  9. You get to bat cleanup on the church softball team: It pays to know the boss.
  10. You get plenty of free advice on how to raise your kids from all 250 church members: Nice!

Yes, pastors' wives live quite the life. With perks like the list above, it's a wonder every woman doesn't dream of being married to a man in full-time ministry.

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