Here Are 12 Other Countries Biden Should Invade RIGHT NOW
World · Feb 1, 2021 ·

With an establishment Democrat now in office, the American war machine is booting up for 4 years of doing what it does best: invading random countries, baby! Already, the media is trying to drum up support for military action in Myanmar because of some coup or something. Lame. Here are 12 other countries that would be much more worth our time to invade:

  1. Greenland: Time to finish what Trump started.
  2. Afghanistan again: We have a ton of experience invading Afghanistan so we'd probably be really good at it.
  3. Australia: They have the best licorice there, and we need it. Seriously--have you ever had it? INVADE! 
  4. Canada: They gave us Seth Rogen. Time to MAKE THEM PAY.
  5. California: Obvious reasons.
  6. Antarctica: So many weapons of mass destruction hidden under the ice, like Megatron and The Thing.
  7. England: Two centuries after the War of 1812, it's time for REVENGE.
  8. Poland: We heard they like Trump there.
  9. South Africa: We're tired of always trying to figure out what that weird accent is.
  10. Egypt: They had their chance to figure out how the pyramids were built-- now it's our turn!
  11. France: They always lose, so it will be a quick, easy win and build momentum and morale.
  12. The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe: The name's just too dang long. We need to invade it and give it a shorter name.

We think this is a good start. Invading these countries will certainly make the world a better place. Get on it, Biden!


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