THE BEE WEEKLY: Rainbow Dill Pickle Monkey, Ask a Woman, and the Sunday Scaries

In this episode of The Bee Weekly, Kyle Mann and Ethan Nicolle are joined by musician, actress, and comedienne Chandler Juliet to talk about the most recent bad takes on social media, making music during the pandemic, and the library in the UK being forced to apologize for the “rainbow dill pickle monkey” brought in to entertain children. They talk about weird news of the week, get to ask a woman what others are apparently asking Google about women, and also read our glorious hate mail.

Be sure to listen to Chandler’s music and YouTube Channel.

One of our commenters point on Ethan’s sincerity eyebrows before Chandler tests her musical chops with The Babylon Bee’s Worship Song Generator. Kyle, Ethan, and Chandler see what’s weird in the world like a rancher surviving being pinned by his ATV through the power of beer, people in Portland being frightened by a pickup truck, and the world’s smallest cow. The White House, the New York Times, and someone in Canada who loves burning churches all make it into our Real Things Blue Checks Say segment. Chandler talks about her music during the pandemic and then answers the questions about women that men are apparently typing into Google about women.

Chandler joins Kyle and Ethan for our super-exclusive Subscribers Lounge and even answers The Ten Questions.

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