Modern worship songs are unique, thoughtful, engaging, emotionally deep and spiritually moving. They certainly don't write themselves, and trying to come up with one on your own could take a solid 10 to 15 minutes. So what do you do when you need a fresh tune for Sunday morning? Let us help with our patent-pending method of generating the ultimate worship anthems. WARNING: The following lyrics are inspired by other things that are divinely inspired, so get ready for some rockin', seeker-friendly, spiritually-accessible goodness!

Your worship song is:

Wild Worship Fire


Your grace crushes me into a fine powder someone could snort (2x)


And we just want to drown in your great big flood! (8x)


Nothing can stop us! Nothing can stop us! Nothing can stop us! (16x)

Your chords are:

G, D, Em, C (throughout)