Modern worship songs are unique, thoughtful, engaging, emotionally deep and spiritually moving. They certainly don't write themselves, and trying to come up with one on your own could take a solid 10 to 15 minutes. So what do you do when you need a fresh tune for Sunday morning? Let us help with our patent-pending method of generating the ultimate worship anthems. WARNING: The following lyrics are inspired by other things that are divinely inspired, so get ready for some rockin', seeker-friendly, spiritually-accessible goodness!

Your worship song is:

Vigorous Grace Ocean


The universe is vast, but you are vaster, I run after you, but you run after me faster (2x)


Wooaaaahhh-Oooooo-Oooooooo Whoah-Ooo-Ooo (8x)


Even when Starbucks makes my drink wrong I will stand and sing (16x)

Your chords are:

G, D, Em, C (throughout)