New York Times Smears The Bee and How To Use Tragedy To Score Political Points
Mar 26th ยท

This is the Bee Weekly for the week of 3/26/21.

Kyle and Ethan talk to The Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon about The Bee’s recent mention in the New York Times as an example of a far-right site trafficking in misinformation disguised as “satire”. Kyle and Ethan talk about how to score political points during a national tragedy, why we can’t reach for the stars until we have a progressive tax system, and what not to do at the zoo.


Ethan is on weird drugs 

Kyle had car trouble 

Weird News 

Washington Man Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Slide From Playground, And Mounting It To His Child's Bunk Bed

Police Seize Real Gun Disguised As Nerf Toy In North Carolina Drug Raid

Man Arrested After Taking His Toddler Into An Elephant Enclosure At The San Diego Zoo

This Australian Performer Really Wants You To Call Him By His Preferred Pronouns, Which Are Tree, Treeself

Virginia Police Officer Shot During Attempt To Catch An Escaped Cow

Why Did Bernie Sanders Criticize Elon Musk With This Anti-Space Travel Tweet?

President Trump Building His Own Social Media Platform?

Mike Lindell Free Speech Website

President Biden Fell Down Air Force One Stairs On Friday Before Heading To Georgia…

Southern Minnesota Man Stole $1,250 Worth Of Girl Scout Cookies From Loading Dock

 Maine Man’s Car Stolen From Police Station While He Was Inside Reporting Suspected Nike Theft

United Airlines Flight Diverted, Man Arrested, After Report Of ‘Someone's Ear Being Bit Off'

Taiwanese People Are Changing Their Names To 'Salmon' To Qualify For Free Sushi

Mattress Retail Chain Breaks Record For Tallest Stack Of Mattresses

CEO Seth Dillon On The Line

Seth comments on the New York Times hit piece 

The Babylon Bee Guide: 7 Ways To Score Political Points Online After A National Tragedy

Here Are 25 Of The Worst Knee-Jerk Reactions From Woke Twitter Users Who Assumed The CO Shooter Was White

Hate Mail 

Janice is ashamed of the Babylon Bee

Subscriber Portion

Bonus Hate Mail 


Best Forum Headlines of the week 

Depressing Stories 

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