Whoopi Goldberg Says Order 66 'Wasn't About The Jedi'
Entertainment · Feb 3, 2022

NEW YORK, NY - Whoopi Goldberg is in hot water once again after claiming that Emperor Palpatine's controversial "Order 66", which instructed his Clone troopers to murder all the Jedi in the galaxy, "wasn't about the Jedi."

Goldberg made the comments on a recent episode of The View and was quickly suspended by ABC.

"The Jedi claim they're oppressed, but it wasn't about their religion," she said. "It's just, you know, it's about hatred and an ethnicity dispute, is all. It didn't have anything to do with their being Jedi and Palpatine wanting to 'wipe them out' or anything like that. That's a common misconception."

According to Goldberg, Order 66 was a complex executive order and came about due to a variety of factors, from supply chain shortages affecting power converter availability at Tosche Station to boring trade disputes on Naboo. But, no matter what the actual cause, Goldberg was insistent that the wiping out of all the Jedi "wasn't about the Jedi".

"We've got to get that out of our heads," she said. "Did I ever tell you the tragedy of Darth Plagueise the Wise?" She went on for a while after this.

Palpatine has spoken up about Goldberg's suspension, saying, "It's ironic."

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