‘And Which Version Of Dr. Fauci Am I Speaking To Right Now?’ Asks Nervous Therapist
Health · Jun 28, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C - To deal with the stress of being America's top immunologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci has reportedly been speaking to a therapist regularly. But leaked transcripts have shown that such therapy sessions have recently taken a bizarre turn. 

"So is um, is the real Dr. Fauci here right now?" asked therapist Angela Berkowski gripping her seat nervously. "It's okay, but I need you to tell me which version is speaking. You can trust me. You're safe here."

"Is this the pre-pandemic Fauci, the March 2020 Fauci, the May 2021 Fauci, or someone else?" Berkowski asked with a sense of rising dread. "Maybe let's just try this: are masks effective or ineffective?"

"You wanna know who I am?!" said Fauci, smiling creepily and rising from his chair. "I'm Dr. Fauci! I am Science! That's who I am!"

"Whew! Okay well, now it's just morally compromised, scrambling to save face modern-day Fauci," Berkowski sighed. "I was worried I was talking to a crazy, ax murderer Fauci today."

Angela excused herself for a brief moment to regain her composure in the bathroom only to be interrupted by someone bursting through the door yelling, "HEEEEERE'S FAUCI!"

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