What Your Favorite Book Of The Bible Says About You
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The Holy Bible represents God's complete revelation to mankind. Every word of it is inspired by God and useful for the teaching, correcting, and equipping of the saints. But — like most people — you probably play favorites with the oracles of God and think some parts of it are more interesting than others.

Here's what your favorite book of the Bible says about you:

  • Song of Solomon: You're a teenage boy.
  • Psalms: You're spiritual, not religious.
  • Joel: Your name is Joel.
  • TWO Corinthians: You're a YUGE fan of the Bible, maybe the biggest fan ever. No one has done more for Christianity than you. You hate fake news.
  • Leviticus: You're a Rabbi. Or maybe Amish.
  • Romans: You're a right-wing misogynist!
  • Tobit: What? That's not a real book! Oh wait, you're Catholic!
  • Job: You feel unnecessarily persecuted or you love dinosaurs.
  • Habakkuk: You like to shut down people who say "So, what's your favorite book of the Bible?"
  • Love Wins by Rob Bell: Looks like you're a progressive Christian. Can we interest you in a Bible study?
  • You don't have a favorite book, they're just all so good: Teacher's pet.
  • Esther: You're a huge fan of historical fiction novels with strong female leads set in Bible times written by Francine Rivers.
  • Ruth: Every time you close your eyes you dream about Boaz. Mmm, Boaz.
  • Revelation: You're either a doomsday prepper or a Calvary Chapel pastor.
  • Genesis: Oh no! You're Ken Ham!

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