'Ugh I Can't Believe Men Are Looking At Me At The Gym,' Says Woman Who Went To The Gym Specifically So Men Would Look At Her
Health · Jan 19, 2024 · BabylonBee.com

PORTLAND, OR — Local Woman Kiera Thompson left her gym frustrated after a few male patrons glanced her way, despite the fact that she had gone there specifically so they would glance her way.

"Ugh! I wore my skimpiest workout outfit, put my hair in a high ponytail, and spent the entire time lifting weights right where all the dudes work out, and a few of them, you know, glanced in my direction!" Thompson lamented. "I mean, can't a girl in skin-tight yoga pants and a pretty much non-existent top work out in peace without guys noticing she's practically naked?"

After alerting the front desk of the incident, Thompson filmed a 20-minute TikTok video of herself running on the treadmill while yelling "No one had better look at me right now! I'm gonna put on a shirt in a minute if I catch one more of you disgusting pigs sort of looking in my direction while I work out!"

As of publishing time, Thompson left the gym but vowed to spend even more money on ridiculously priced skimpy workout clothes to wear next time in the hopes that no one will notice her ridiculously priced skimpy workout clothes.

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