Ted Cruz Determined Unfit To Be A Politician After He Admits He Was Wrong, Apologizes
Politics · Feb 19, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - Ted Cruz has been universally declared to be unfit to be a United States politician after he apologized for his trip to Cancun, admitted it was a bad idea, and stated in no uncertain terms that he was wrong.

A poll found that 97% of Americans agreed that Cruz has no business being a politician, since he straight-up apologized for his decision to go to Cancun instead of deflecting or lying about it.

"Doesn't Ted Cruz know you're supposed to blame it on someone else or just ask the media to cover for you? What a rookie!" said one CNN commentator. "It's like he has no idea what he's doing! This guy is absolutely unfit to be a United States senator."

Other commentators pointed out that Cruz could have just claimed he never went to Cancun, even though there were pictures of him going to Cancun, or that he could have blamed the president. "What a complete and utter embarrassment to politicians everywhere! It seems as if he's never even done this before!" said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

"Did he learn nothing I taught him?" said Trump from his Mar-a-Lago golf course. "You can't be such a lightweight, little Teddy!"

In a statement, Cruz has apologized to his conservative supporters for apologizing and has promised to be less apologetic in the future. 

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