SUCCESS: This Christian Is Now Completely Indistinguishable From The Culture He’s Trying To Reach
Sponsored · Sep 6, 2018

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SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA - Finally! After many years of trying to reach the godless culture for Christ by immersing himself in it completely, local Christian man Winston Lawrence is now 100% indistinguishable from the world.

Go Winston!

The man watches all the same shows his neighbors and coworkers do, so they won't think he's weird. He dresses like them, talks like them, and acts like them. In fact, whenever they bring up topics related to God or religion, he laughs mockingly and says things like "Yeah, those Christians are such weirdos!" and "God? What is this, the Dark Ages?"

"Can you imagine if my boss started talking about Game of Thrones and I was like, 'What's Game of Thrones? Mother of dragons? Who's that?'" he told reporters. "What a disaster that would be! I have to be completely covert, blending in like a master ninja, if I'm going to show these people how great and glorious the gospel is."

Winston says critics are too quick to dismiss his method of becoming exactly like the world to reach the world. "Sure, now I'm pretty much living just like a pagan," he said. "But just you wait - in 30-40 years, I'll reveal that I'm a Christian, and everyone will be like, 'Whaaat? No way! You're too cool to be a Christian!' and they'll all come running to Jesus."

Many Christians have become comfortable letting the world mold them instead of being set apart by God. And many churches have traded in their biblical roots for complacent conventionality. But Jesus and the church are anything but conventional. The hallmark of our faith is that it sees the world differently than the world sees itself. Find out more in Michael Frost's new book, Keep Christianity Weird.


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