Snopes Journalists Announce Plans To Personally Fact-Check Entire San Francisco Poop Map
Media · Apr 19, 2024 ·

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — As part of their mission to combat misinformation online and ensure accuracy of what people read, Snopes journalists announced plans to personally fact-check the entire San Francisco Poop Map.

The initiative will allow Snopes to judge the legitimacy of user-reported sightings of human feces strewn along the city's roadways and provide residents with reliable information on the locations of publicly deposited poo.

"Confirming the existence of reported dumps is important," said Snopes journalist Fred Larkin. "We simply cannot allow false reports of human waste to be propagated across social media. There are a lot of people out there who may try to mislead the public regarding the location of dookie, and it's up to our team to make sure people know which poop is real and which is just B.S."

San Francisco residents voiced appreciation for Snopes's announcement, though they weren't sure it was necessary. "I get what they're saying," said Bay Area native Chris Long, "but I can't imagine there are that many people out there falsely reporting caca in the streets. I think the Poop Map is pretty trustworthy. Excrement isn't something people would normally lie about."

Snopes remained committed to the cause. "Determining fact and fiction is what we do," Larkin said. "While fact-checking the San Francisco Poop Map may not be our top priority, the case could definitely be made that it's number two."

At publishing time, only a few hours into the task, Snopes journalists had already confirmed that San Francisco streets are at least 80% covered in human poop.

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