Sheila Jackson Lee Asks Why Elon Musk Wants To Colonize Mars Since It’s Just A Giant Ball Of Spaghetti Sauce
Science · Apr 10, 2024 ·

HOUSTON, TX — Texas Congresswoman and astronomy expert Sheila Jackson Lee has come out in opposition to SpaceX founder Elon Musk's vision to establish human settlements on other planets and asked why Musk would want to colonize Mars since it's just a giant ball of spaghetti sauce.

Jackson Lee criticized Musk for wasting time and billions of dollars planning a Martian colony when it was obvious that human beings could never actually land and create a habitat on a planet made up entirely of marinara sauce.

"It's a silly idea," Jackson Lee said in a public statement. "I just don't understand what Musk is thinking. If he were to take a rocket ship filled with pasta and breadsticks, then I could see some use for a trip to Mars. But to plan out a permanent human colony is ridiculous when it's just a big ball of spaghetti sauce. Be smarter, Elon."

Jackson Lee, who made headlines this week with her bold astronomy statements, offered to sit down with Musk to educate him on the finer points of interplanetary travel. "I'd be happy to talk to him," she said. "Not everyone has the knowledge I have, so I see it as a courtesy to help him out. For instance, night is just a big, dark blanket that gets pulled over the sky, and the stars are little pinholes poked in the nighttime blanket. I bet Elon isn't aware of that."

At publishing time, Jackson Lee admitted she would be supportive of Musk going to Venus as she is more of an alfredo fan.

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