‘Hey, Look, I Am Smoking A Marijuana!’ Shouts DeSantis At Police In Bid To Get His Own Cool Mugshot
Politics · Aug 28, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis was seen last night waving around a joint in front of local police officers in a desperate attempt to get arrested and have a cool mugshot just like Trump.

"How do you do, officer? A fine morning for a marijuana!" said DeSantis, lighting a joint. "Uh-oh, look at me! I've got one of those marijuana cigarette thingies, and I'm totally smoking it! Better break out the cuffs, officer!"

DeSantis proceeded to attempt taking a puff, then instantly collapsed in a coughing fit. "Holy -- cough -- crap! That is -- cough, cough -- terrible!" shouted DeSantis, doubled over. "Who would do this? Oh man. Wait - officer, does that still count as doing a marijuana??"

According to police, the officers confiscated the apparent joint and handed the Governor a bottle of water. "Sir, this isn't weed. These are lawn clippings," said Officer Ramon Gonzales, putting out the lit end. "Even if it was weed, for a first-time offender we would just tell you to put the dang thing out and go home to your family. I know you need the mugshot sir, but I'm sorry - you're going to have to do a lot better than this."

At publishing time, DeSantis was reportedly spotted at a Wendy's asking if the officer could arrest him for getting Sprite when he only asked for a water cup.

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