Report: Votes Without Social Media Proof May Not Count
Internet · Nov 8, 2016 ·

U.S. - Early reports indicate that votes not posted about on social media may not count toward the vote tally in any US election.

Election officials were able to confirm that voters who do not post at least one picture of themselves in a voting line, wearing an "I Voted" sticker, or at bare minimum tweet about how they voted might see their ballots tossed out as illegitimate.

"Fulfilling your civic duty is more than sharing an 'I Voted' sticker selfie, but it's certainly not less," election official Justin Gilbert said. "To that end, officials will be looking for hard proof of each individual's vote, in the form of Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter photos. We advise sharing these images to every single social media account you use, just to be safe."

"So get out there and vote, but more importantly, tell everyone about it. Loudly. All day long."

This revelation could put a wrinkle in earlier election predictions, especially in key races.

"Frankly, the more millennials your state has, the better," Gilbert explained. "Since self-referential social media posts will likely be decisive this year, areas with sizable elderly populations are at a severe disadvantage. Telegrams, handwritten letters, and e-mails from AOL or Juno simply do not count."


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