Prospective Youth Pastor Hired On The Spot After Killer Beavis And Butt-Head Impression
Church · Nov 14, 2016 ·

ORANGE, CA - Undercurrent Church had several live youth pastor interviews lined up for Monday morning, but after Jerry "Jek" Atkins led off with a "spot-on" impression of a popular catchphrase from Mike Judge's hit '90s animated show Beavis and Butt-Head, Atkins was reportedly hired on the spot.

"Jek had us all rolling," college pastor Kelly Hamilton told reporters. "He walked in the room and was all, 'I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO!' with his shirt all up and what not. Totally took us by surprise with his apparent knack for wacky antics."

"And the voice was pitch-perfect. I could have sworn Beavis was in the room with us," Hamilton added through tears of laughter. "Classic Jek."

According to other church staff members, Jek didn't have a resume or any credentials prepared to show off, and didn't discuss matters of theology, doctrine, or philosophies of ministry, but simply ran around the room doing several catchphrases from the popular MTV show for "ten or fifteen minutes," causing church leaders to roll with laughter.

"We hired him immediately and told the other lame-o candidates to take a hike. There was never really any question in our minds that this is the guy God has to lead our youth in dark times for the American church," lead pastor Dane Settler said Monday. "CORNHOLIO! Ha!"


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