Progressive Christian Can’t Wait To Get To Heaven So He Can Lecture God On Privilege
Theology · Jun 23, 2020

PORTLAND, OR - Derek Dean, a progressive Christian and activist for social justice, is very excited about one day going to Heaven. That's because it will give him the opportunity to finally meet God face to face and then give Him a much-needed lecture on privilege.

"I've been reading the Bible," Dean said, "and if there is one thing clear, it's all written from a place of privilege. There's a lot of stuff in it about things that concern God -- including outdated views on human sexuality and gender -- but He really needed to put more in there about oppressed minorities and social justice."

It's Dean's view that God just doesn't "get it," which is why Dean is hopeful that a good face-to-face lecture to God will help Him better understand justice and equality. "There is no one with more privilege than God," Dean added. "So it's going to be quite a lecture. I'm really excited."

Dean admitted that God did make an attempt to give up His privilege by sending His only begotten Son to Earth in the form of a man, but Dean considered that whole incident a wasted opportunity to educate people on trans issues.


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