People Angry About Low WNBA Salaries Prepared To Do Anything Except Watch WNBA
Sports · Apr 17, 2024 ·

U.S. — As the debate over the gender wage gap among professional basketball players raged on, people who were angry about low WNBA salaries proudly declared they were prepared to do anything necessary to bring about change except for watching WNBA games.

While activists arguing on behalf of WNBA players voiced a willingness to go to great lengths to help increase salaries to be more comparable to their male counterparts in the NBA, they made it clear that actually watching WNBA games was not something to which they would subject themselves.

"What? Watch the games? No, don't be ridiculous," said Gretchen Byrd, who leads the Committee for Fair Salaries in Industries that Generate Vastly Different Amounts of Revenue. "It is our mission to see these female athletes paid fairly, and we're going to do whatever we have to do to achieve that goal. But no way are you going to get us to watch any of those games."

Fans of basketball phenom Caitlin Clark were up in arms after seeing the yearly salary breakdown of her first professional contract and immediately began to develop a strategy to affect change. "We'll stop at nothing," said Victor Dreeb, a supporter of women's sports who hasn't yet attended any games. "Except for watching them play. Have you ever seen them? I caught a few seconds of a game on TV by accident once. Yikes."

At publishing time, people who described themselves as passionate about closing the gender wage gap in the WNBA agreed to all meet outside Clark's first game to protest as long as they weren't required to go inside the arena.

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