OOPS: Worship Band Accidentally Worships For Real During Rehearsal
Church ยท Jan 9, 2020

TRUCKEE, CA - During an early rehearsal and sound check on Sunday morning, the worship team at Covenant Bible Fellowship accidentally began authentically worshipping God.

"It was so bizarre," said bass player Jon Clark. "We were just planning on rushing through a verse and chorus of a few songs, and then it was like we all started really thinking about the words we were singing: the truths about God's undeserved love for us, and the commitments we were making to Him through these lyrics. We must have gone a full two or three songs before we even realized we actually meant what we were saying... Like a bunch of weirdos!"

"We ended up running late and almost bumping up against the first service!" singer Paul Brown said. "Can you imagine? Having the congregation entering the sanctuary while we're already actively worshipping? Embarrassing."

Curt Myers has been operating the church sound booth for several years and was absolutely appalled.

"This church has always had a strict policy that worship practice is a time for perfecting your worship performance without actually worshiping God," Myers complained. "They should be better stewards of this time, using it to perfect their sweet guitar solos, asking for less of the backup singers in their monitors, and debating whether to do all twenty-four repeats of the bridge in 'Oceans,' or stop short at just eighteen. Honestly, it's just very disrespectful to the whole worship process."

"To be honest, I didn't even think it was possible to sincerely worship to 'We Are' by Kari Jobe!"


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