McDonald's Introduces New 1 Bitcoin Value Menu
World · Jun 16, 2022 ·

CHICAGO - With the price of food skyrocketing and the value of Bitcoin plummeting, McDonald's restaurants across the world have rolled out a new value menu in which all items cost only 1 Bitcoin.

Marketers with the McDonald's Corporation reportedly first conceived the idea because a value menu where everything costs $21,968.80 is a harder sell.

Consumers have found the change quite appealing.

"Wow! What a value!" said Bill Gates. "This is a lot easier on the budget."

Local man John Cusack echoed his agreement. "I love nothing more than a McChicken sandwich," he said. "Glad I live in Chicago where the visionaries in charge of McDonald's are making affordable meals for the average person."

Texas resident Elon Musk was quick to point out that the new value menu was a result of inflation spurred on by illogical Democratic policies, but was ultimately thankful to be able to eat a couple McDonald's cheeseburgers without breaking the bank.

"Maybe things aren't so bad," he mused while watching his rockets fly into outer space. "Who needs Mars when you've got ketchup, mustard, and two pickles on a frozen ground beef patty for just 1 bitcoin?"

At publishing time, McDonald's has brought back the popular Hamburglar character as a way of introducing children to the many wonderful qualities of money printing and cryptocurrency.

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