Man Excited To Add 2-Cent Gas Savings To The 16 Cents He Saved On July 4

PEAKS HOLLOW, MT—Local man Hank Grizzle started up his personal savings account strong this year by saving 16 cents on his July 4 BBQ. And his account just got another boost with the 2-cent savings on gas the country has seen over the last two weeks.

After the Biden administration bragged about bringing the cost of gasoline down by two cents over a two-week period, following a long period of rising prices, Grizzle realized he could use the extra coin to give his savings account a little shot in the arm.

"I've got, let's see.. 18 cents now! Thanks, Joe!" said Grizzle excitedly as he counted out his saved pennies and put them in his piggy bank. "Man, if this guy starts to bring the cost of any other consumer goods down, I might be able to get up to a quarter before the end of the year."

"And it's all thanks to Joe Biden!"

At publishing time, the man was saddened to learn that due to inflation, his 18 cents is now worth less than a penny.

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