Mailbag - We Are Lonely And We Don't Want To Pay For Counseling
· Premium · Jan 24, 2023 ·

It's still a month until Babylon Bee Live and we are all alone here in The Babylon Bee studio surrounded by hordes of screaming communists outside. It's just so... isolating, you know?

We are counting on you to come through for us on our Weekly Mailbag. You can always send us emails at the podcast address - podcast AT babylon bee DOT com - or you can drop a general comment, question, news item, or whatever you want us to talk about in the comment section below. Give us some feedback on our recent episodes. We'll post a new mailbag thread every week and try to get to them on The Babylon Bee Podcast. Will you be a friend of the podcast? For as little as one e-mail or comment a week, you too can keep a podcast producer from dropping his paycheck on expensive therapy sessions to deal with his insecurity issues.


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