'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever,' Worship Leader Threatens
Christian Living ยท Jan 5, 2022

FRESNO, CA - Members at the First Church of Creation were caught off guard Sunday evening when their worship leader announced the next song in their set: 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever.'

"Like, 'forever'? Does he really mean 'forever'? Do we have to listen to his high-pitched voice forever?" commented church member, Sheila Fay. "This seems like a threat to me."

The apparent threat turned out to be an empty one, however, as the song ended without incident 3 hours later and the Pastor dismissed everyone without giving his lesson.

"I think that's enough for today," said a visibly weak senior pastor as he took the stage after the song. "Let's just call it for today."

Church insiders speculate the worship leader's motives were anything but pure, with some suggesting it was an attempt to filibuster the Pastor's planned lesson on faithful financial giving.

The worship leader rejected the rumor and issued a new threat to sing the song for a literal eternity when we're all in glory.


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