Eight Ways Besides Heartbeats That Women Are Tricked Into Thinking Babies Are Alive
Family · Sep 24, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

Stacey Abrams turned the medical world upside-down earlier this week with her revelation that heartbeats are a complete scam, concocted to trick women into thinking babies are alive. We here at the Bee have delved deep and uncovered even MORE heinous plots by the world's men-folk aimed at deceiving women that babies are actually human.

  1. Baby pictures - An obvious ploy to maintain the nefarious lie that all living humans started off as babies. What a crock!
  2. Morning sickness - Another brilliant construct of the patriarchy, whereby men secretly add small amounts of poison to a woman's daily coffee for about three months and then stop. Mwahaha!
  3. Ultrasound videos - All of those videos showing babies responding to their mother's voice are clearly deep fakes.
  4. Weight gain during "pregnancy" - In fact, a cabal of men secretly put extra calories in a woman's food for nine months so they get fat and then think there's a life growing in them. What commitment!
  5. Genetic testing - Actually, the entire field of genetics is a complete fraud, developed to subjugate women by making them think babies have their own unique DNA.
  6. Feeling the "baby" move - Nothing more than the Taco Bell you ate for lunch. Steer clear of the chalupas.
  7. Crying sound when "baby" is born - Ha! That's just the nurse weeping because of how ugly that little blob of cells is. Oldest trick in the book.
  8. Deep, profound sense of love moms feel towards their babies - Nothing but a CIA mind control satellite, right Stacey?

Wow, those men are dastardly! Watch out for all of these clever traps, ladies!

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