Disney+ Introduces $10/Month Add-On That Blocks 'Frozen' From Streaming Service
Entertainment · Dec 4, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

BURBANK, CA - Disney is listening to parents' feedback on the new Disney+ streaming service with a new $10/month add-on that will block all Frozen content, including the original film, shorts, sing-alongs, and more from the service.

"For just $10 per month, your child won't be able to stream 'Let It Go' over and over again," said a representative. "We think this is possibly the best value a parent can find in a streaming service. No other streaming content provider offers you a 'Let It Go'-free guarantee."

Disney+'s servers quickly crashed with the announcement as parents scrambled to sign up for the Disney+ Minus Frozen premium option. The media giant is expected to introduce a similar option that lets you block the Disney Star Wars films from the service.


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