Denis Villeneuve Releases Directors Cut Of 'Dune' With 3 Additional Hours Of Really Cool Spaceships Taking Off And Landing Very Slowly

U.S.—Film director Denis Villeneuve has announced a brand-new director's cut of Dune, much to the excitement of fans. The new cut of the film will be almost 6 hours long and will feature 3 additional hours of really cool spaceships taking off and landing very very slowly. 

"I loved bringing the story of Dune to the big screen, but my true passion is for filming the take-off and landing sequences of massive, unusually shaped spacecraft as they very slowly lift up into the air or descend to a planet's surface," said Villeneuve. "This new version will have much more of that stuff."

Sources also confirmed that composer Hans Zimmer recorded additional music to help drive home the epic scale of the really cool spaceships as the camera just sits there and looks at them for several minutes without moving and no story happening. 

"My entire career has led to this," said Villeneuve in his sophisticated artsy French accent. "For me, it's all about very large, unusually shaped spaceships now."

After Dune Part 2, Villeneuve plans to direct a 10-hour movie called Spaceship, which will have even more spaceships.

Shut up and take our money, Denis Villeneuve!

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