Dejected Trump Picks Up Box Of Possessions From Kanye's House
Politics · Oct 31, 2018 ·

CALABASAS, CA - A forlorn, dejected President Trump pulled up to Kanye West's sprawling mansion in Calabasas in a presidential motorcade, got out, and sulked to the front door Wednesday afternoon.

West answered the door and after an awkward greeting, directed Trump to a box of his things left over from all the fun parties and hang-out times the pair had together over the past several months.

"Yeah, it's right over there, to the left. Should all be there," Kanye said, looking down at his shoes. "I, uh, didn't save over your Pokemon cartridge or anything."

"Yep, looks like it's all here," Trump said somberly as he picked through the box. "Did you, uh, by chance check my Roseanne DVDs to see if they were all put back in the case?" Kanye nodded that he did.

The pair then bid each other goodbye at the door, Trump trudging slowly back to his limo as West watched him go.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that Trump thought West was waving at him and waved back, but was crestfallen to see that he was simply swatting a fly.

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