Compassionate Kenneth Copeland Utters Brief Prayer For Third-World Countries While Flying Over Them In His Luxury Jet
Celebs · Aug 20, 2018 ·

SOMEWHERE OVER AFRICA - Prosperity gospel preacher Kenneth Copeland took a brief moment Monday to pray for the poor and hungry while flying over several third-world countries in his luxury jet on the way to his latest lucrative speaking engagement.

"I highly recommend all true ministers of the gospel take some time out of their luxurious travel arrangements to look down from their Gulfstream and declare a few words of victory over those sucke - I mean those people less fortunate than themselves," he said after his 7-second prayer for the people of Niger. "It helps keep things in perspective."

While Copeland says it's important to him to pray for the poor and impoverished while living a ritzy and glamorous life off money he's made exploiting the vulnerable, he does warn against thinking about the poor too often: "I can only look down at countries like Ethiopia or Madagascar for 10-15 seconds, lest I start thinking negative thoughts and decrease my net worth."

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