Church Tech Guy Holds Up Protest Sign Whenever Congregation Turns Around To Glare At Him For Mistake
Church · Sep 13, 2020 ·

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - Local church tech guy Frank J. Williamson has fashioned a collection of handy protest signs for whenever the congregation turns around to glare at him, assuming any mistake that occurred in the service was his fault.

As the congregation turned to him this morning to give him "the look" for flipping to the wrong lyric slide again, Williamson had finally had enough. He pulled out a sign reading "The Worship Leader Played An Extra Bridge" in protest, boldly proclaiming his innocence.

"I'd finally had enough," he told reporters after the service. "This is my peaceful protest."

Other signs he has in his repertoire include these:

  • The Pastor Didn't Give Me A Working Video File
  • The Guest Speaker Did Not Turn His Microphone On
  • The Guitarist Lied When He Told Me The Volume On His Guitar Was All The Way Up
  • Honestly, The Worship Leader Is Just Making This Part Up On The Spot
  • I Didn't Type Up These Slides Full Of Typos
  • The Drummer Is Barely Playing, How Am I Supposed To Make Him Any Quieter?
  • When The Pastor Shouts Unexpectedly Sometimes The Mic Is Going To Have Some Feedback

At publishing time, the plan had backfired as the congregation blamed him for being so distracting.

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