Captain America Rebooted As Feminist, Atheist, Transgender Hydra Agent
Entertainment · Oct 7, 2016 ·

NEW YORK, NY - As part of a broader effort to increase the representation of diverse groups of people among its superheroes, Marvel Comics has announced a new bimonthly Captain America series, wherein Steve Rogers is re-imagined as a feminist, transgender, atheist Hydra agent, sources confirmed Friday.

"Rogers has always represented uncompromising truth, justice, and bravery," a Marvel representative said. "And there's no better way for us to convey that than to have him finally come out after 75 years as a female-to-male transgender who's a hostile feminist and doesn't believe in God. This is a true hero."

"Oh, and he's also been a Hydra agent the whole time - you didn't see that twist coming, did you?" the rep continued.

The move was universally applauded immediately upon its official reveal, with pre-orders and subscriptions for the ongoing series smashing every other comic book line's records.

In response to the positive feedback, DC Comics is rumored to be considering yet another reboot of its entire line of comics, wherein popular superheroes like Batman, Superman, and The Flash would come out as vegan, Muslim, and otherkin, respectively.

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