Ash Ketchum Stripped Of Pokemon League Title After Old MAGA Hat Photo Surfaces
Entertainment · Sep 18, 2019 ·

ALOLA REGION - As 10-year-old Ash Ketchum finally won the Pokemon League after 22 years of trying, fans erupted in celebration.

But their rejoicing ended prematurely as Ketchum was stripped of his title after an old photo of him wearing a MAGA hat surfaced.

"We do not tolerate hate in the Pokemon League," said one official. "Our organization is here to provide a safe, inclusive place for all children to pit their creatures against each other in potentially deadly battles." Ketchum was forced to return his trophy and is banned from participating in future League events. CPS workers also took his Pikachu.

While it's not confirmed, some believe that Team Rocket is responsible for digging through Ketchum's old tweets to look for incriminating evidence. According to sources, Jessie and James sifted through all of Ketchum's old Facebook posts, tweets, photos, and likes trying to find some dirt on him when they stumbled across the MAGA hat. "Hey Jessie, look at this," James reportedly said. "Ash needs to prepare for doxxing trouble---and make it double!"

CNN has published Ketchum's home address following the revelation.

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