Here Are 9 Positive Changes Elon Musk Is Bringing To Twitter
Sponsored · Apr 6, 2022 ·

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Elon Musk recently found some spare change in his jeans pocket and decided to buy Twitter. Like a loving father, Musk is helping Twitter get back on the right path. Way to go, Elon! 

Here are a few of the epic changes coming to Twitter as a result:

1) A warning label will be placed on all tweets that aren't based enough: The label will also be placed on memes that are insufficiently dank.

2) You can now choose from one of three avatars - Musk, Doge, and Pepe the Frog: This is all you need.

3) All tweets will freeze at 420 likes and 69 retweets: Nice. 

4) Donald Trump will be allowed back in exchange for removing porn, terrorists, and genocidal leaders: Seems reasonable. 

5) Sharing the New York Post story about Hunter's laptop is now mandatory: At least once per day. It's only fair. 

6) Tweets from AOC will automatically be translated into English: We've been waiting for this feature forever! 

7) The Babylon Bee will be placed in charge of all fact-checking: They are the most factual and infallible site in the world.

8) Jack Dorsey will be required to tweet "Censoring conservatives makes me an enemy of freedom" 100 times: Get writing, mister! 

9) Anyone who doesn't like the changes will be offered the chance to leave and start their own social network: Conservatives are currently practicing their "smug" faces in the mirror for when they get a chance to say this. 

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