8 Ways To Spot A Christian On A College Campus
Sponsored · Dec 13, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

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During Roman times, spotting a Christian could be as easy as walking down to the Colosseum to see who was being eaten by a lion. These days, Christians can blend in a little easier - but especially on college campuses, there are always telltale signs.

Here are eight simple ways to spot a Christian on a college campus:

  1. They're wearing a dress and they're actually a woman: This makes them really stand out from all the bearded, dress-wearing dudes on campus.
  2. They use a ping pong table to play ping pong: Why? What do you heathens use it for?
  3. They defeat their atheist philosophy professor in a debate over God's existence, causing the class to stand up and declare 'God's not dead': Someone should totally make a movie about this. Or a song, even.
  4. Have a side hustle in the football tailgate area stacking folding chairs: It's almost as if they've spent hundreds of hours doing it growing up.
  5. Carry around their own French press coffee maker everywhere they go: Nobody, and we mean nobody, knows coffee like a Christian college kid.
  6. They haven't screamed "Death to Israel!" even one time: Reluctance to cheer for genocide is a dead giveaway.
  7. They have chickens and a garden plot in their dorm: This is also referred to as a "trad-student."
  8. Walk around wearing a "Cru" shirt and ask if people have a moment to take a survey about religious worldviews: Hint: it's not just a survey!

When you use the list above as a guide, they stick out like sore thumbs. Now get out there on your local college campus and start spotting those Christians!

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