AOC Releases Comprehensive Report on Economic Theory, Mistakenly Titled Just 'Crayons'
Politics · Feb 26, 2024 ·

In what could only be described as a colossal blunder, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) released her comprehensive report on her sweeping economic theories today, but mistakenly titled it "Crayons".

The 30 page report, labeled "Crayons" on the cover, seemed to confuse the young congresswoman's inner circle, leaving them scratching their heads. Many who read the report feared that the verbal blunder may now lead to the public misunderstanding crucial economic policies, as they may be seen as yet another example of AOC's simple-mindedness. "We can only hope that the next economic theory she publishes is a bit more legible," one worried political observer told The Babylon Bee.

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