Fly Fornication And Other Puritan Names: The Dustin Benge & Nate Pickowicz Interview

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Things get downright puritanical when Kyle and Ethan talk to Nate Pickowicz and Dustin Benge about their new book The American Puritans. Dustin is Provost and lecturer at Union School of Theology and Nate is pastor of Harvest Bible Church. Dustin and Nate talk about the inspiration that they draw today from the lives of these men and women and their religious movement in church history while Kyle and Ethan try to figure out why someone would name their kid ‘If-Christ-had-not-died-for-thee-thou-hadst-been-damned’ and whether it’s true that Puritans invented tablecloths to cover up scandalous table legs.  

Topics Discussed

  • The difference between Puritans and Pilgrims

  • Puritan theology: Are sinners in the hands of an angry God?

  • Myth or fact: Puritan edition

  • Puritans’ favorite alcoholic beverage

  • Some church history of the Puritans in England and in America

  • Strange Puritan names like ‘Praise-God’ and ‘Fly Fornication’

  • People walking stark naked through church and cutting off Quaker ears

  • Some of the Puritans highlighted in their new book The American Puritans

  • Kyle and Ethan provoke some baptist answers to The Ten Questions in the Subscriber Portion!

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