Liberty For Lil' Ones: The Connor Boyack Interview

Kyle and Ethan talk to Connor Boyack!  Connor Boyack is president and founder of the Libertas Institute. He is best known for writing the Tuttle Twins series of books, which focus on introducing kids to the ideas of liberty and the free market. Kyle and Ethan talk about weed-smoking Mormons, how many wives a man can have in an anarchist utopia, and pouring libertarian fertilizer on the saplings rather than trying to save the old, diseased statist trees. 

Topics Discussed

  • What are the Tuttle Twins series of books about

  • Waht is Libertarianism all about and what on earth is with the Libertarian Party

  • Does a libertarian Mormon smoke weed?

  • Indoctrinating children with foreign ideas like "liberty" and introducing them to books by dead white guys

  • Isn’t it a bad idea to teach children about liberty since as parents we want to tell them what to do?

  • How many wives would each man be allowed to have in a libertarian utopia?

  • The polygamy case, where children were taken from their parents, that Connor worked on

  • The ten questions!

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