Save The Babies: The Lila Rose Interview

This is the Babylon Bee Interview Show.

Kyle and Ethan talk to pro-life activist Lila Rose from Live Action about opposition to her organization, politicians gaslighting, and fostering a culture of life. Watch Kyle and Ethan get owned by facts and logic and be told their jokes are bad.

You can listen to Lila Rose on her new podcast: The Lila Rose Show

The Lila Rose Show explores questions about relationships, work, health, identity, purpose, and faith, with political and cultural commentary.

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Topics Discussed

  • Lila has a new podcast to promote

  • How did Live Action get started

  • Taking on Anti-Abortion “Lies”

  • Parenting challenges like when one child makes themself vomit all over the kitchen from scarfing down hot chocolate packets while you are attempting to have the smaller toddler have their nap time.

  • Pranking Planned Parenthood

  • Deciding on what is the funniest dog

  • When they lit up WTC One Pink to celebrate the new abortion bill in New York state that allows late third trimester abortions

  • Politicians gaslighting about how sacred life is despite their policies

  • Kyle and Ethan get jabbed at for their Protestantism in the subscriber portion when they ask Lila The Ten Questions.

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