THE BEE WEEKLY: Elon Musk Recap, Demanding Figgy Pudding, And Bad Christmas Books

The Babylon Bee had an insane week and comedian Kellen Erskine is in the studio to talk to Kyle and Ethan about the Elon Musk interview and also to figure out what the deal is with figgy pudding. Adam Yenser joins them to share with them The Weakly News and then the guys analyze figgy pudding hype while discussing bad Christmas books you should never read. 

Be sure to watch the recent interview with Elon Musk.

Be sure to check out Kellen Erskine’s podcast The Book Pile, which he barely mentioned.

Kyle and Ethan get invited to a wedding from a man who asked them for marriage advice, and The Bee crew reviews their banger and bomb of the week. Adam Yenser brings the news and the guys look back on their recent Elon Musk interview. They eat figgy pudding and talk about the best and worst Christmas books and then read this week’s hate mail.

In the subscriber lounge, Kyle and Ethan help Kellen to be a better comedian, read bonus hate mail, hear from a Reformed dating site about Catholic Patrick’s new profile, talk more about Christmas, and read subscriber-submitted headlines. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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