Comedian Explains the Challenges of Christian Entertainment | A Bee Interview with Thor Ramsey

On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Christian comedian, Thor Ramsey, talks to Kyle and Ethan about becoming a Christian stand-up comedian, making the Church People Movie, and doing a political comedy show. Thor Ramsey recently wrote the book, The Most Encouraging Book on Hell Ever, where he tackles the question by probing deeper. Thor starred in Church People, as a Pastor trying to find his passion again inside the mega church marketing machine. The political climate has motivated Thor to start a new web series, The Protest Show

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Kyle and Ethan find out the origin of where Thor Ramsey’s name came from. They talk about his transformation from a secular comic to a Christian comic. Thor gives insight on the challenges of Christian comedy and how it differs from a normal comedy club. Thor gives his Kirk Cameron story once in the free portion and again in the exclusive subscriber portion for all those listeners that missed it the first time. Thor talks about making Church People with Stephen Baldwin. They talk about the struggle of making good Christian art and how secular movies can be just as bad. 

In The Subscriber Portion, Kyle and Ethan find out Thor’s worst bombing story. Thor goes into how he’s learned to deal with hecklers. Ethan asks how Thor tells the same joke over and over again when developing an act. Thor tries out some of his political jokes on the Bee team showing how difficult it is to do political comedy. As always the interview ends with the ever great, 10 questions. 

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