THE BEE WEEKLY: Pokémon Fraud, Tacos in Space, and Is This Racist?

Managing Editor of The Babylon Bee Joel Berry is in town for this Bee Weekly to talk with Kyle and Ethan about Pokémon fraud possibly resulting in 20 years in prison, how tacos in space are a terrible idea, and how to tell if stick figures, starfish, and traffic lights are racist.

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Kyle, Ethan, and Joel read YouTube comments, answer a subscriber dare, and talk about The Babylon Bee’s banger and bomb articles of the week. Then they talk about the week’s weird news like cocaine hippos now being considered people, a teacher of the year punching a student, and bats are now winning awards that rightfully belong to birds. Adam Yenser joins the guys to play a new game: Is It Racist? Of course, they read the latest of The Bee’s everflowing hate mail.

In the subscriber lounge, they read mail from a subscriber who almost lost her job because of The Babylon Bee, a fan who is beginning to tell Kyle and Ethan’s voices apart, and a man with a vulgar email address telling The Babylon Bee how to be Christians. The guys dig into whether more things are racist and then Joel Berry answers The Next Ten Questions.

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