Sexpert Debra Soh Talks To Christian Prudes At The Babylon Bee

Sexpert Debra Soh joins awkward Christian prudes at The Babylon Bee to talk about sex, gender, and wokeness. Dr. Debra Soh is a sex neuroscientist, the author of The End of Gender and the host of The Debra Soh Podcast. She has appeared on The Megyn Kelly Show, Real Time with Bill Maher, the Joe Rogan Experience twice, and recently spoke at the Oxford Union.

Kyle and Ethan find out how Gen-Z’s views on sex are hurting their generation from Dr. Debra Soh. They go through Debra Soh’s myths on gender that seem to all be created with this new generation. Dr. Soh gives tools for parents on how to talk about gender and sexual orientation with their children and schools. Kyle and Ethan get Dr. Soh’s opinion on other hot button issues like what research has shown on growing up with Gay and Lesbian parents and the conversations scientists are being forbidden to talk about. Kyle and Ethan talk about purity culture and the effects it had on our culture. 

On The Subscriber Portion, Kyle and Ethan talk about Dave Chappelle’s latest special. Dr. Soh goes on why this kind of activism will only lead to trouble for the Transgender community. Ethan shares his experience with furries. Dr. Soh shares what she learned about the furry community and her time learning about sexual fetishes. 

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