THE BEE WEEKLY: Explain The Joke, Poor Wizards, And A Surprise For Dan

The Atlantic tries to make The Babylon Bee's Kyle Mann explain why the joke is funny on this episode of The Bee Weekly. Kyle and Ethan are joined by Eli Chance and The Bee's own Bettina to dramatically reenact an encounter in which a barely awake Kyle was put on the spot to explain the joke and to give a defense against the accusation that Jesus would not want Christians to mock wokeness for a living. There's weird news like how shocking it is how little wizards earn in New Zealand and The Bee Team surprises Dan. As always, there is glorious hate mail.

Eli Chance is a comedy writer and performer. Check out some of his work on YouTube.

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Kyle, Ethan, and Eli find out what the kids are saying these days and how “bomb” is not lit and is pretty sus. Then they break down this week’s weird news. The Bee’s own Bettina is brought in to dramatically reenact Kyle’s interview with The Atlantic. The Bee Team surprises Dan with a sweet gift and then this week’s hate mail is a lengthy saga of The Babylon Bee not noticing this person who kept sending us messages for months.

 In this week’s subscriber lounge, Kyle, Ethan, Eli, and Dan read bonus hate mail, questions from subscribers about Harrowing Hell and killing Hitler, and then Eli and Dan both answer The Next Ten Questions. Subscribe or click Join on YouTube to watch it all!

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