THE BEE WEEKLY: Vaccine Mandates from God, Woke Wrestling, and Kissing in Portland

It's a discussion on vaccine mandates this week on The Bee Weekly. Ethan Nicolle, Adam Yenser, and Kira Davis from RedState talk mandates, woke wrestling, and how it is now legal to kiss in Portland if you are vaccinated. Adam Yenser quizzes Kira and Ethan on whether headlines are real or fake. Kira answers subscriber questions in the subscriber lounge.


Check out Kira Davis on her podcast, Just Listen To Yourself.

Check out Adam Yenser’s YouTube channel and stand-up comedy schedule.


The Bee’s New Guide to Wokeness is coming out and You Can Join The Launch Team! Some people offered some criticism of The Bee’s recent interview with Dr. Mary Grabar on her new book Debunking the 1619 Project. One of the Bee’s subscribers is looking for love at the Bee in a Subscriber Dare. It’s another Weekly, so the show looks at the Banger and Dud of the Week before diving head first into some weird news. Kira and Ethan are contestants on a new game show called ‘Which Headline is Real?’ run by Adam. After that, they discuss the vaccine mandates from the God of New York Governor Hochul. There’s also the usual salty hate mail.


There’s bonus hatemail you won’t want to miss in the subscriber/YouTube Superfan-exclusive lounge, Kira Davis answers our subscriber-submitted questions, and then all three of our hosts read the top subscriber headlines of the week.

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