THE BEE WEEKLY: Debunking the 1619 Project and Taliban Paddle Boats
Sep 24th ยท

In this episode of The Bee Weekly, standup comedian Josh Denny joins Kyle and Ethan to talk about what’s been going on at The Babylon Bee this week, how Hitler opposed vaccine mandates, and how smart people are making blood bricks on Mars. Kyle and Ethan also talk to Dr. Mary Grabar about her new book, Debunking the 1619 Project.

Kyle, Ethan, and Josh discuss the Bee’s ‘Banger of the Week’ and ‘Dud of the Week’ and then jump into weird news like how scientists are planning on making blood bricks on Mars, how Hitler opposed vaccine mandates, and a couple that drives drunk together. A man decides to give up his life to become a hobbit, a new beer is illegal in 15 states, and the Taliban’s new feared weapon is a paddle boat. Even cats and dogs are getting in on Guinness World Records.

Kyle and Ethan talk to Dr. Mary Grabar who has previously debunked Howard Zinn to find out how she debunked the 1619 Project and whether she sleeps in a debunk bed. Someone doesn’t like the Bee’s new poop emoji shirt in this week’s Hate Mail. Finally, the show moves to the subscriber-exclusive lounge where Kyle, Ethan, and Josh go into the Bee archives for the classic article of the week where Jesus turned water into grape juice, subscriber headlines of the week, and bonus hate mail.