THE BEE WEEKLY: Fact Check Checks and Losing Your Job for Holding Common Opinions

In this episode of The Bee Weekly, Ethan Nicolle is joined by Adam Yenser to discuss what happened this week, like a man losing his job for expressing an opinion half of Americans have. Also, who will check the fact checkers? There’s weird news, hate mail, and lots of tarantulas.

Ethan and Adam talk about their weeks and get into weird news. Keep your eyes out for the next Bee Interview with Jonathan Pageau which will be dropping next week. A bunch of tarantulas and a snake were found abandoned in a basement, a man tried to smuggle 350 pounds of meat across the border, and some weird human crab was dashing around a neighborhood. California is requiring gender-neutral child displays and toy aisles, Ford made a very gay raptor, and vegan speed-eating is apparently a thing.

Ethan and Adam introduce a new segment of Fact Check Check. Who checks the fact checkers? The Babylon Bee. Then they discuss a video game company CEO losing his job for expressing the controversial opinion that half of America shares that unborn babies should be protected from being murdered. There’s hate mail too and then Adam Yenser answers The Next Ten Questions in the Subscriber Lounge.

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