THE BEE WEEKLY: Punk Rock Nature and the Roller Coaster of Doom

Kyle and Ethan are joined this week by political commentator Bill Whittle to talk about blue checks on Twitter calling conservatives the American Taliban, weird news of the week like Japanese death rides, and a nature documentary series that doesn’t hate God called The Riot and the Dance!   

Be sure to check out Bill Whittle’s website and show called The Right Angle.

First, the guys tackle this week’s weird news like a Japanese roller coaster that is breaking people’s necks, a Kentucky school with a furry problem, and a Texas father that strips down to his underwear to prove a point. Mountain Dew Flamin’ Hot is out now, kids are pledging allegiance to the pride flag, and some cows go through the McDonald’s Drive-Thru. China doesn’t want their kids wasting their time playing video games and a video game Guinness World Record was also broken.

Kyle and Ethan then talk to N.D. Wilson about his new nature documentary, The Riot and the Dance, which doesn’t hate the fact that God created everything. You will want to tune in to this episode for what could be the greatest hate mail ever.

Kyle, Ethan and Bill read some bonus hate mail and the top subscriber-submitted headlines of the week in the subscriber lounge. Then Bill Whittle answers the Ten Questions. 

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