THE BEE WEEKLY: Weird News and Frank Turek Tackles Google’s Top God Questions

In this episode of the Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan are joined by apologist Dr. Frank Turek, founder of CrossExamined and author of several books including Stealing From God and I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist. They talk about the weird news of the week that they can’t believe is real and ask Frank all the internet’s top questions about God. In the subscriber portion, Frank is subjected to the Next Ten Questions and of course salty hate mail.

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Kyle and Ethan jog Frank’s memory about the time Ethan couldn’t help himself and basically made a hardcore Unofficial Theme Song for Frank Turek’s CrossExamined show. They react to some YouTube comments on Hateful White Men Questioning How Hateful They Really Are. They also talk about the weird news of the week like parrots who can’t stop swearing, a hawk losing a fight with a deer, and ANTIFA attacking Christians to end fascism. Also what is happening in Kyle, TX?

Frank Turek takes on the challenge of answering all of the top questions about God that the internet is asking. In an unusual change of pace, Kyle and Ethan answer some love mail about how edifying The Babylon Bee has been for someone’s walk with God and then return to our more usual fare of salty hate mail.

In the subscriber portion, Frank Turek answers The Next Ten Questions and the guys read the week’s top subscriber headlines. Subscribers also enjoy some bonus hate mail! 

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